A Crazy Delivery From The BBL That Produced Almost Everything

A Crazy Delivery From The BBL That Produced Almost Everything

The BBL Funny Incident That Went Viral- Never seen a batsman get run-out twice? Adelaide Strikers batsman Jake Weatherald on Sunday found himself in need of the crease at both ends during a bizarre dismissal against Sydney Thunder within the BBL. Jake Weatherald – who had gotten an honest start scoring 31 runs off 26 balls – was at the nonstriker’s end as his fellow batsman Phillip Salt faced Thunders’ Chris Green. taking over a full delivery, Salt struck it straight backtrack the pitch, close enough to Green, so he could get a finger to the ball and divert it back onto the stumps.

Green immediately appealed as Salt called Weatherald over for one while the latter was ball-watching. during a call here and there, Jake started slow, and eventually, wicket-keeper Sam Billings broke the stumps before he could make it to the opposite end.

Sam Billings hurt himself while diving at the stumps. getting to the third umpire, Weatherald was seen short at the non-striker’s end and at the striker’s end too. However, the principles of the sport say that a batsman can’t be ruled out twice on one ball, and hence the primary dismissal — at the non-striker’s end — stood, and Weatherald had to steer back to the pavilion. The replay showed how Philip Salt had reached the non-striker’s end before Weatherald started.

The Video That Went Viral From The BBL; What An Incident?


“Weatherald, what’s he doing?” followed by a “terrible running” remark. A lazy Weatherald had hardly even left his crease to copy but didn’t manage to ground his bat in time. Somehow, Weatherald had managed to urge himself to run out twice within the same ball, which was just funny!

Brendon Julian said during his time on-air in Fox Cricket commentary, “Jake Weatherald, what’s he doing!? Terrible running. Weatherald has had a few close shaves with the run-outs. this point he finally gets one done.”

The Commentators And Former Australian Players celebrated Too And Were Bemused

Mark Waugh went on to feature, “He wasn’t even backing up that far either, and he’s still out … I feel he possesses to figure on his running between wickets. Seriously, he possesses to concentrate more.”

When the replay showed he would are dismissed by an outstanding piece of keeping by Sam Billings at the opposite end, Waugh laughed: “I haven’t ever seen that before.”

Brett Lee was also surprised and went on to feature, “I haven’t seen anyone run out twice.”

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