Ravi Ashwin reacts to Wasim Akram reverse swinging balls on Twitter

Ravi Ashwin reacts to Wasim Akram reverse swinging balls on Twitter

Cricket is that the most-watched sport in India and therefore the second-most-watched sport within the world. Back in those days, there was a fierce rivalry between batsmen and bowlers.

Yes, the bowlers want to dominate the sport and therefore the batsmen found it hard to travel about their business. Most of the time, the bowlers had the whip hand over the batsmen.

Over the years, the International Cricket Council monitored the bat-ball game closely. The apex cricket body deduced that the fans are enjoying batting than bowling.

They decided to return up with certain rules that make it quite tough for the bowlers to precise themselves. Earlier, bowlers wont to decimate the batsmen with reverse swing sort of deliveries.

But now, just two new balls are utilized in limited-overs cricket. This rule makes it hard for the bowlers to reverse swing the balls. The rule of utilizing 2 new balls from either end in alternate overs of ODI cricket was brought into effect by the ICC within the year 2011.

Back in 2018, Indian batting great Sachin Tendulkar and Pakistan bowling great Waqar Younis spoke about the disadvantage of using 2 new balls from both ends in ODI cricket.

Ravichandran Ashwin reacts to Wasim Akram’s reverse swing balls


Meanwhile, India’s Test specialist bowler Ravichandran Ashwin reacted to Wasim Akram’s reverse swinging deliveries. It all started when a Twitter user posted the video of Wasim Akram’s lethal reverse swing balls.

The brilliant video clip caught the eye of the premier off-spinner as he decided to react to the video. The veteran off-spinner was all praises of ‘The Sultan of Swing’ Wasim Akram.

The experienced off-spinner commented on a video of Akram bowling with the old white leather in an ODI game against New Zealand. Akram kept the opposition batsmen in restraint by bowling superb deliveries.

Ravi Ashwin awestruck by Wasim Akram’s deliveries

On the opposite hand, the Kiwi batsmen found it tough to play against the deliveries. Akram was reverse swinging the ball within the 44th over the sport.

Meanwhile, the 34-year-old off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin highlighted that the white ball doesn’t reverse swing like that these days. His honest reaction to the video clip received quite 30k likes.

“Hello, white ball!! Where are you these days?? That’s the 44th over and reverse swing at its best from the king @wasimakramlive,” wrote Ravi Ashwin after watching Akram’s reverse swinging deliveries.

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