Shane Warne Reacts For Poor umpiring call in BBL 10

Shane Warne Reacts For Poor umpiring call in BBL 10

Twitter exploded after Aussie legend Shane Warne while commentating for Adelaide Strikers versus Brisbane Heat slammed the large Bash League authorities for not having the choice Review System. Warne, survive air couldn’t stop himself from going full out on the poor umpiring thus far within the tournament as consecutive matches show blunders by the umpires.

Shane Warne Reacts For Poor Call; Meanwhile Fans Gone Crazy On Social Media

In Wednesday’s game, a wrong decision went in favor of the bowler when Brisbane Heat’s batsman Tom Cooper was handed a leg before wicket dismissal. The replay showed that the tight delivery by Adelaide Strikers’ Danny Briggs is often seen finding the bat. that’s before landing on the pads as Cooper attempted a reverse hit.

The ball Hits The Bat And deflected to the pads.

While the bowler and other men strongly Appealed And the umpire declared Out, Tom Cooper stood in shock. This is often the second incident in two matches that has been screaming the necessity of DRS within the Big Bash League.

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Shane Warne, who was within the commentary box at the time of Cooper’s dismissal, started ranting, claiming the necessity to tug up the standards of Australia’s premier T20 tournament. The previous leg spinner who lead Rajasthan Royals to an Indian Premier League victory in 2008, not only criticized the umpiring but pointed fingers at the authorities.

Twitter Exploded then Reaction By Shane Warne

Warne is one among the previous cricketers, experts, and analysts who have been involved in the inclusion of a globally adapted Decision Review System within the league. Earlier it had been Warne’s Aussie teammate Adam Gilchrist who had appealed for an equivalent. Glenn Maxwell also disappointed when Andrew Tye was denied the wicket.

Twitter exploded after taking note of Shane Warne’s comments. BT Sport was one of the primary ones to issue a reaction. Here’s what they said- Brisbane Heat’s Tom Cooper is given out LBW, despite clearly hitting the ball onto his pads.

Some other reactions from fans were as follows:

BBL10 has been great thus far, aside from the shocking umpiring. Not the umpires themselves, but that Cricket Australia doesn’t introduce #DRS into #BBL. If money is a problem, give the third umpire authority to form a choice, after reviewing the camera footage.

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