Video Emerges Suggesting Steve Smith Wasn’t Changing Rishabh Pant’s Guard

Video Emerges Suggesting Steve Smith Wasn’t Changing Rishabh Pant’s Guard

The Smith controversy saga continues to plague the Social Media platforms. The fans on Twitter and other platforms are criticizing the previous Australian captain supported a recent video that went viral. The video suggested that Smith had changed Rishabh Pant’s guard lines post drinks within the third match game against India.

The fans had gone into a frenzy post the emergence of the video that showcased Smith doing something that they tagged unethical. Already the Aussie batsman was caught within the Sandpaper gate scam. Now, this new video meant more trouble for him from the fans online.

But Did Steve Smith attempt to Tamper With Rishab Pant’s Guard?

Well, the video below came out recently and it suggests that Steve Smith wasn’t doing what the fans thought he was. The video suggests that he was indeed doing what Tim Paine suggested that he does, shadowing the wicket.

The Aussie keeper had been vocal within the third match game. He too got trolled tons for saying some wrong things. Further, he was also fined parts of his match fee for an equivalent. Despite that, he came bent to support his best batsman (versus India at least).

Watch Video Here:

Well, this is often the video that we found on the web and need you to decide on what you create of it. does one think Steve Smith is guilty or does one think he comes clean? Do allow us to know!!

What Next For Team India Heading Into the ultimate Test Match?

Team India features a lot of injury problems heading into the fourth match game at the Gabba. They weren’t too keen on playing in Brisbane and there was some controversy about that opinion. However, things did rather subside in due time.

Despite that, the team did face some racial abuse, which wasn’t appreciated and encouraged by anyone. Even skipper Virat Kohli, who is home, Tweeted out about an equivalent. Players like Mohammed Siraj and Jaspreet Bumrah were at the center of this abuse. Hopefully, incidents like these aren’t repeated.

Let’s wait and watch as we head into the ultimate Test of this closely-contested series. Will Steve Smith be ready to perform well under scrutiny and pressure? Only time will tell!!

Could This Incident Have an impression On Steve Smith With Regards To IPL 2021?

Steve Smith is attracting tons of controversy with what he’s doing. Not the foremost liked player across the planet immediately needless to say. he’s the captain of the Rajasthan Royals. If things don’t settle down within the upcoming days, the player might be in trouble.

With a number of the Indian Premier League sides already leaving key players out, Steve Smith’s days within the team might be limited too. The batsman could also be one of the simplest within the world. However, it’s clear when the fans get on someone’s back, things can get rather volatile. that’s one thing that Steve Smith would surely know by now!!


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